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Most expensive bags in the world!

Luxury bags command exorbitant prices due to a combination of factors that contribute to their exclusivity, craftsmanship, materials, and brand prestige. Firstly, the craftsmanship involved in creating luxury bags is…

Alcohol and liver health: How to drink responsibly

Alcohol consumption poses a significant global health concern, impacting liver health and leading to a rise in alcohol-related liver diseases. The changing patient profile and increased awareness emphasize the critical…

What happens when you have Nimbu Pani daily

My month-long journey of consuming Nimbu Pani proved to be a revelation for my skin, unlocking a multitude of benefits that exceeded my expectations.

10 common traits of a perfect father

In the world of fatherhood, these traits intertwine to create the masterpiece of a perfect father, whose love, guidance, and support shape the lives of his children in profound and…

10 warning signs liver needs care​

​World Liver Day, observed annually on April 19th, aims to raise awareness about liver health and highlight the importance of liver disease prevention and management. It serves as a reminder…

Foods that have more vitamin c than oranges

Summer heat depletes nutrients, necessitating increased nutrition. Vitamin C is crucial for immunity and collagen synthesis. Red Bell Peppers are a top source. Papaya and Pineapple promote digestive health. Stay…

Tips to manifest all your dreams into reality

Mughal princess who built Chandni Chowk

Mughal princess who built Chandni Chowk

Toner Pads: The latest K-beauty craze!

Let’s know more about toner pads.