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“Many Believe Special Treatment…”: Amit Shah On Arvind Kejriwal’s Bail


May 15, 2024

In a strong statement after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was granted interim bail to campaign for the Lok Sabha elections, Home Minister Amit Shah has said that he does not see the Supreme Court’s decision as a routine judgment and stressed that many in the country believe that “special treatment” was given. 

During an interview to news agency ANI on Wednesday, Mr Shah was asked about the AAP chief’s claims that he would not need to go back to jail if enough votes were cast in the party’s favour. The home minister said in Hindi, “I believe this is clear contempt of the Supreme Court. He is trying to say that if someone emerges victorious, the Supreme Court does not send them to jail even if they are guilty. The judges that granted him bail have to think how their judgment is being used or misused.”

To a poser on his take on the judgment, Mr Shah said, “The Supreme Court has the right to interpret the law. I believe this was not a normal or routine judgment. Many in the country believe that special treatment has been given.”

Refuting Mr Kejriwal’s claims that cameras were installed in Tijhar Jail and a feed went straight to the Prime Minister’s office as well, Mr Shah said the administration of the Tihar Jail was under the Delhi government and accused him of lying. Taking a dig at the AAP chief, the home minister also said his party is contesting only 22 Lok Sabha seats and he is still making guarantees to the entire country. 

“Don’t take him too seriously. His party is fighting only 22 seats and he is guaranteeing that electricity bills will be waived for the entire country. You are fighting only 22 seats, how will you form the government,” Mr Shah sneered. 


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