• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Following a ‘negative’ COVID test,’ US President Joe Biden will be traveling to India for the G20 Summit.

Following a 'negative' COVID test,' US President Joe Biden will be traveling to India for the G20 Summit.

The US President has recovered entirely from COVID-19 and is expected to fly to India a few days before the G20 Summit. He tested negative for COVID-19 on Tuesday. However, US First Lady Jill Biden is anticipated to remain in the country due to a positive test for the illness.

“The first lady is experiencing mild symptoms and will spend the week in Delaware.” “President Biden tested negative for COVID-19 last night and again today,” stated White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a press briefing on Tuesday. 

The US President will visit India for the G20 Summit after testing negative, according to Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor.

The US President is not showing any signs of sickness. He will “mask while indoors and around people in accordance with CDC guidelines,” according to the safety protocols. 

According to the press secretary, he will remove his mask when he is adequately separated from others both inside and outside.” The US President’s travel to India for the G20 Summit was marred by uncertainty owing to Jill Biden’s COVID-19 illness. Jill Biden will remain in Delaware for the time being.The First Lady tested positive for COVID-19 this evening. 

She is now just experiencing minor symptoms. “She will stay at their home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware,” said Elizabeth Alexander. 

This comes only a few days before Biden’s formal travel to India for the G20 Summit, which is slated for September 9 and 10.

G20 Summit: US President Joe Biden’s Visit to India

The US President is due to travel for the summit in New Delhi, India, on Thursday. Following that, he will hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Modi. According to Sullivan, Biden will attend the official sessions of the G20 Summit in 2023 on Saturday.

On the fringes of the summit, US President Joe Biden will meet with Prime Minister Modi in a bilateral meeting on September 8. Joe Biden is also set to visit Vietnam this month, in addition to India.

On the agenda, the US President will “reaffirm US commitment to the G20” as the world’s leading platform for economic cooperation, as well as discuss a variety of problems, including the social consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine, according to the White House on Tuesday.

Following his participation at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, US President is expected to visit Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 10.”